Assets for Unity

Huge Texture
Huge Texture allows you to import and use textures larger than 8192x8192px in Unity.

When importing a texture, Huge Texture splits the texture into pages and saves it as a Texture Array.
Texture Array is combined on the shader side, which does not create extra draw calls and has almost no effect on performance.
Mesh To Terrain
Mesh to Terrain is a tool for easily and quickly converting a 3D terrain model created in 3ds Max, Terragen or any other editor to Unity Terrains.
Mesh to Terrain can convert textures to SplatPrototypes (Terrain Layers), generate terrain from several models and split the model into several terrains.
Online Maps
Online Maps is a universal multi-platform solution for creating 2D and 3D maps in Unity.
Fully customizable, incredibly easy to learn and use, and at the same time is one of the most powerful and flexible solutions in the industry.
Supports a huge number of services for any needs, and has integration with the best Asset Store assets.
It has a powerful API that allows you to do amazing things without modifying the source code of the asset.
Supports visual scripting using Bolt and Playmaker.
All the features to create any map in Unity in one asset.
Project Context Actions
Project Context Actions is a standalone free toolkit from Ultimate Editor Enhancer asset that speeds up work with the Project window by adding contextual actions based on item type. Context actions are displayed when you hover over a row or cell in the project that matches certain criteria.
Real World Terrain
Real World Terrain is a tool for automatically creating high-quality terrains, meshes, Gaia stamps and RAW files based on real-world data with global coverage.
Incredibly fast and easy to use, and allows you to create high-quality terrains in a couple of clicks.
In addition, Real World Terrain can create buildings, roads, trees, grass, and rivers based on Open Street Map data.
Real World Terrain is incredibly powerful and flexible. It has a powerful Editor API to automate the generation of terrains, and Runtime API positioning objects by coordinates, etc.
Real World Terrain has integration with the best assets of the Asset Store, which gives almost unlimited possibilities in the generation of terrains.
Run Desired Scene
Run Desired Scene is a very powerful and easy to use tool that allows you to start playing from any scene without opening it.
After exiting play mode, you will return to the scenes open for editing.
Smart Gallery
Smart Gallery is an elegant, flexible and efficient solution for displaying image, video and audio galleries for your project.
Each element of the gallery is a separate module, resulting in extraordinary flexibility of the asset. You can easily customise modules to achieve the design and functionality your project needs.
Supports all input pipelines and input systems.
Terrain Quality Manager
Terrain Quality Manager is a tool for changing the resolution of Unity Terrain maps (Heightmap, Detailmap, Alphamap and Basemap) without losing data.
If you want to increase the quality of terrain, or optimize terrain for better performance, with this tool we can do it easily and quickly, with just a couple of clicks.
Tiny Terrain

Tiny Terrain is a lossy Terrain Data compression technology for Unity Terrain Engine, which allows you to reduce the size of the data that Terrain takes in the project many times and significantly reduce the size of your application.

Tree Tool
Tree Tool gives you full control over every tree on your terrains.
You can move, scale, rotate, change color and prefab, extract or remove trees in just seconds.
If you want to achieve perfect trees in your project, Tree Tool will be your best and indispensable friend.
Ultimate Editor Enhancer
Take your productivity in Unity Editor to the next level with Ultimate Editor Enhancer - the ultimate productivity toolkit! This powerful tool simplifies your workflow, improves the built-in behaviors of the editor, and adds new features that will take your editing experience to the next level. With Ultimate Editor Enhancer, you can easily enhance the Scene View, Inspector, Hierarchy, Project and the editor itself. It also offers a range of tools for quick object navigation, creation, and manipulation. Upgrade your editing game and streamline your workflow with Ultimate Editor Enhancer!
uPano (Panoramic Solution for Unity) is a universal multi-platform solution for displaying dynamic and static panoramas, and creating virtual tours. uPano is very easy to learn and use, and is great for people who do not have programming experience. Visual Tour Maker lets you create virtual tours in minutes. In most usage scenarios, you can make interactive panoramas without creating your own scripts. If you have some very specific purpose, uPano has a powerful and easy-to-use API that will allow you to implement any behavior.
Value Observer
Value Observer is an editor-friendly implementation of the Observer pattern. Allows you to easily write quality code with weak dependencies, and improve the performance of your application.