Tree Tool

Manage each tree individually

Out of the box, Unity Terrain Editor can only add and remove trees. Or if you have generated trees with third party assets you can only accept or regenerate it.

Tree Tool breaks this rule and allows you to interact with trees individually as separate scene objects.
Whether you want to move a tree, make it bigger or smaller, replace a prefab or add a tint, extract or remove, using Tree Tool you can do it in seconds.

Created for artists and level designers. Very easy to use and allows you to achieve content quality previously only available with meshes, but with the performance of terrain trees.

Tree Tool is compatible with trees created by Unity Terrain Editor or third party assets.

The asset has highly optimized code, and doesn't slow down the scene even if your Terrain has thousands of trees.

Worried about the quality of the asset or are not sure that it is suitable for your project:
After the purchase, you have two weeks to test the asset.
If the asset is not suitable for your project, has any problems or you simply do not like it, contact us and we will make a refund.


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Real World Terrain is a tool for automatically creating high-quality terrains, meshes, Gaia stamps and RAW files based on real-world data with global coverage.
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In addition, Real World Terrain can create buildings, roads, trees, grass, and rivers based on Open Street Map data.
Real World Terrain is incredibly powerful and flexible. It has a powerful Editor API to automate the generation of terrains, and Runtime API positioning objects by coordinates, etc.
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