Create marker on click

Example how to create a new 2D marker at the point where the map is clicked.
Usage instructions:
Add this script to map GameObject and start the scene.
Click on the map to create a new marker.
/*     INFINITY CODE 2013-2019      */
/*   */

using UnityEngine;

namespace InfinityCode.OnlineMapsExamples
    /// <summary>
    /// Example of how to create a marker on click.
    /// </summary>
    [AddComponentMenu("Infinity Code/Online Maps/Examples (API Usage)/CreateMarkerOnClick")]
    public class CreateMarkerOnClick:MonoBehaviour
        private void Start()
            // Subscribe to the click event.
            OnlineMapsControlBase.instance.OnMapClick += OnMapClick;

        private void OnMapClick()
            // Get the coordinates under the cursor.
            double lng, lat;
            OnlineMapsControlBase.instance.GetCoords(out lng, out lat);

            // Create a label for the marker.
            string label = "Marker " + (OnlineMapsMarkerManager.CountItems + 1);

            // Create a new marker.
            OnlineMapsMarkerManager.CreateItem(lng, lat, label);