Online Maps  v2.5
Online Maps

Online Maps - is a universal mapping solution that is suitable for all applications and games that use a map.

• Supports Unity v4.6+, Unity v5+;
• Standalone, Android, iOS, Windows Store, WebGL, Webplayer;
• Online and offline maps;
• 2D maps and 3D maps with elevation;
• 2D, 3D and Billboard markers;
• Supports Texture, GUITexture, NGUI, DF-GUI, iGUI, SpriteRenderer, uGUI (UIImage, UIRawImage) and Tileset;
• Google Maps, Mapbox classic, ArcGIS, Nokia Maps (, Virtual Earth (Bing Maps), Open Street Maps, and many others (16 providers, 88 map types);
• Multilingual map with the ability to create your own style;
Support Google API web services: Direction API, Elevation API, Geocode API, Places API, Places Autocomplete API, Roads API;
• Other web services: Open Street Map Overpass API, Bing Maps Elevation API, Bing Maps Location API, HERE Routing API, Open Street Maps Nominatim, Open Route Service;
• Additional Features: GPS (with emulator), cache, traffic, Overlays, Drawing API, runtime 3D buildings;
• Integration with: Real World Terrain, Playmaker, Curved UI;
• Easy-to-use and powerful API. Large number of examples of using is attached. Atlas of Examples;
• Built-in update system.

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Atlas of Examples: