Online Maps  v3.3
Online Maps

Online Maps - is a universal mapping solution that is suitable for all applications and games that use a map.

Users of Online Maps v2, please read this:

• Unity 2017.1 - 2019.x;
• Standalone, Android, iOS, Windows Store, WebGL;
• Online and offline maps;
• 2D maps and 3D maps with elevation;
• 2D, 3D and Billboard markers;
• Supports Texture, GUITexture, NGUI, SpriteRenderer, uGUI (UIImage, UIRawImage) and Tileset;
• Google Maps, Mapbox, ArcGIS, Nokia Maps (, Virtual Earth (Bing Maps), Open Street Maps, and many others (16 providers, 88 map types);
• Multilingual map with the ability to create your own style;
Support Google API web services: Direction API, Elevation API, Geocode API, Places API, Places Autocomplete API, Roads API;
• Other web services: AMap Search, Bing Maps Elevation API, Bing Maps Location API, HERE Routing API, Open Route Service Directions, Open Route Service Geocoding, Open Street Map Nominatim, Open Street Map Overpass API, QQ Search, What 3 Words;
• Show Google Street View using uPano;
• Additional Features: GPS (with emulator), cache, traffic, Overlays, Drawing API, runtime 3D buildings;
• Integration with: Bolt, Curved UI, EasyTouch, Fingers - Touch Gestures, NGUI, Playmaker, Real World Terrain, TouchScript, uPano;
• Easy-to-use and powerful API. Large number of examples of using is attached. Atlas of Examples;
• Built-in update system.

Other Infinity Code assets:
Mesh to Terrain - Convert Mesh to Terrain.
Real World Terrain - Generate terrains, textures and objects based on real world data.
Terrain Quality Manager - Resize terrain maps without losing data.
uContext - Productivity and usability toolkit.
uPano - Universal panoramic solution for displaying dynamic and static panoramas, and creating VR tours.

Product page:
Atlas of Examples: