The component is flexible control of importer settings of assets.

Supported types of assets: Texture, Model, Audio, Movie, TrueType Font.



Select the menu item «Window / Infinity Code / Importer Rules», to open the component.

Create a new rule, select the type of Asset and the desired settings. If necessary, specify the path. Save the rule.

When you import a new Asset, or re-import existing importer settings will be applied first matching rule.

Important: Applies only the first matching rule. The remaining rules are ignored. Place rules with restriction on path earlier than the rules apply to all assets.


 «Importer Rules» Window

  1. Show / hide rule settings.
  2. Enable / disable the rule.
  3. Name of the rule.
  4. Type of the rule.
  5. Move rule up.
  6. Move rule down.
  7. Apply the rule to the exists assets.
  8. Edit rule.
  9. Create a copy of the rule.
  10. Delete rule.
  11. Rule settings.
  12. Display a message on the console when applying the rules.










 «Rules Editor» Window

  1. Name of the rule.
  2. Type of asset to which the rule will apply.
  3. Type of asset path verification:
    1. All assets.
    2. Starting with the specified string.
    3. Containing the specified string.
    4. Regular expression.
  4. Importing settings.












Path verification

If you want the rule to apply to the asset located in a specific folder, or have a specific name, you can specify a field «Path comparer»:

  • All Assets – rule will apply to all assets.
  • Start With – The rule will apply to all assets whose path starts with the specified string.
  • Contains – The rule will apply to all assets whose path contains the specified string.
  • Regex – The rule will apply to all assets whose path matches the specified regular expression.

Important: All paths case insensitive. Check occurs in the lower case.

Important: Paths are relative to the folder «Assets». For example, for a file «c:\MyProject\Assets\Resources\SomeImage.png», will be the path «resources/someimage.png».


Create a rule based on the existing asset

If you want to create a rule with the import settings as an existing Asset:

  • Select Asset in the window «Project»;
  • Click the right mouse button;
  • Click «Create Importer Rule from Asset».