Select the menu item «Component / Infinity Code / Note», to add a component to the selected GameObject.

In the «Hierarchy» icon appears to indicate that at this object have a note. The icon can be changed in the field «Icon». You can use a preset, and own icon images.

When you hover over note icon in «Hierarchy» you can read the note. Clicking on the icon open Notes Manager on the current note.

In the «Fast Insert» displays all components of this GameObject. Selecting the component and pressing «Insert» you add in note all the public values of the selected component.

For each note, you can assign tags, separated by semicolons. This tags of notes and they are not associated with tags of GameObject. Important: The maximum number of note tags in a scene is limited to 31.

Switch «Word Wrap» you can specify whether the text of the note wrapped.

The height of the field notes by default is automatically detected. You can limit it to the desired size by setting the «Lock TextArea Height».

You can add and edit your notes in any mode of Unity editor. All changes made in the playmode will be saved.

Delete notes in playmode, you can not. This is done to avoid removing notes in dynamically delete objects.

You can export the text of the note in the format «TXT», pressing the «Export».

Pressing the «Import» You can load into a note of any text file.

Important: We do not recommend creating a prefab from the object containing the notes. When you reload the scene all the notes in the instances will be reset to the state notes on the prefab. If you want to use different notes on instances of the prefab, then remove the component from prefab and create a note for each instance.


Notes Manager

Select the menu item «Window / Infinity Code / Notes Manager», to open the manager window.

It displays all the notes that are in the current scene, and in prefabs in the project. If GameObject, containing a note is selected, the row will be highlighted.

Each note can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the appropriate icon in front of the object name. You can expand / collapse all the notes by clicking on «Collapse all» or «Expand all».

Clicking on the name of the object is highlighted GameObject in the window «Hierarchy», that contains this note. When you double click on the name of the object GameObject is selected.

You can add a note to the selected GameObject in the «Hierarchy», by clicking on the button «Add note to selected object».

You can filter the notes by tags, by selecting the desired value in the field «Tags».

Press the «Export», to save all your notes in a format «XML».

Pressing the «Import», you can import the notes into your project.



Notes settings are located in «Notes Manager».

Compact Inspector Mode - The Inspector displays only textarea of note. To show other fields, expand «Note Settings».

Show Note in SceneView - When selected GameObject with note, in SceneView is displayed window with the text of note.