Terrain Quality Manager allows you to change the resolution of Heightmap, Detailmap, Alphamap and Basemap, without losing data.

If you need to increase the quality of terrain, or optimize terrain for better performance, with this tool you can do it.



Select the menu «Window / Infinity Code / Terrain Quality Manager / Open Manager», to open the component.



  • Single Terrain - Change resolution terrain maps, for single terrain.
  • All Terrains In Scene - Change resolution terrain maps, for all terrain, located in the scene.
  • All Terrains In Project - Change resolution terrain maps, for all terrain, located in the project.


Important: If the terrain has neighbors, the modes «Single Terrain» and «All Terrains In Project» holes may appear between neighboring terrains. To prevent this, use the mode «All Terrains In Scene».


When hover on the question mark near label of map, you can read brief details about the map. When pressed, go to the documentation of Unity Terrain Engine.

In the column «Default Value», is the current resolution of the map.

In the column «New Value» you specify the desired resolution resolution of map.

Maps, the resolution of which will be changed are highlighted in green. After the values shown button «X», which cancels the change in the value.

After you specify the required values, press «Apply».

Terrain Quality Manager supports Undo. If you want to restore old terrain, click «Edit / Undo».


Updating versions

In the Unity Asset Store, we send only stable versions. Renewal period is several months.

Terrain Quality Manager has built-in update system, using which you can get early access to all versions and updates.

Click «Window / Infinity Code / Terrain Quality Manager / Check Updates», to open the window checking for updates. Enter your Invoice Number, select a channel of updates and click «Check New Versions».

If updates are available, you can read the list of changes and download the update.

If you have any problems with installing the update, then:

  1. Open an empty scene.
  2. Delete the folder «Infinity Code / Terrain Quality Manager».
  3. Import the new version of Terrain Quality Manager to the project.