• Asset Store Informer

We work with Unity Asset Store a half year. During this time, we understood that for the efficient sale there are no options. No analytics or informing about any events. Publisher only available current level of sales per month. If you are selling something in Unity Asset Store or only the want to sell, you should understand that this is not enough.

We decided to fix it and provide publishers with a tool that they always get the maximum information about everything that happens to their assets in the Asset Store.

Asset Store Informer - smart client «publisher.assetstore.unity3d.com» for your site. It automatically collects and analyzes all the information available in the Asset Store. If there was a sale or charge, a new review or rating you'll know about it immediately.

We did in one application are two very important things for the publisher: notification of new events and analytics. All information presented convenient form, and you will immediately understand what was happening in the selected period.

Learn more about Asset Store Informer you can on the product page.