• Online Maps v1.6

Today we have updated Online Maps to version 1.6.

We have added a new mode of map - Tileset.

Tileset - it is dynamically generated mesh. It works much faster than drawing to texture, requires less memory and has many additional features.
If you make map for use in mobile devices, we recommend that you use Tileset.

Tileset supports elevation maps, allowing you to make a fully three-dimensional map like Google Earth.

We've added the ability to use Online Maps in the new Unity GUI system (uGUI) and SpriteRenderer.

Now Online Maps can work in offline mode by loading the tiles from the folder Resources.
You will be able to make a card that does not require internet.
To help you prepare tiles for offline use, we have added the ability to import tiles from GMapCatcher.

We've added to Online Maps built-in update system so you are always aware of all the latest versions, and have early access to all versions, including working, alpha and beta.