Among Unity game development is often the case, this situation, you need to some sort of object to put the video. This in itself is not a problem, as Unity can import video formats. After you import the object obtained MovieTexture, which you can use as a normal texture.

Apart texture, you run the scene, and nothing happens, so you start the video can only use the code. And if the video is not on the main texture of the material, and on one of the support, such as the launch of the video task can be a difficult task even for the programmer.

All these problems are designed to solve component Play MovieTexture. It automatically detects all the videos that have been added to the object, regardless of where they have been added, and start to reproduce.

Play MovieTexture allows you to control every parameter, for example: if you want to run all or specific video, should the video repeatedly. Maybe you want to start the video manually or even on a different subject? No problem. Play MovieTexture component allows you to do all this.

More on Play MovieTexture component and its capabilities can be found in product page.