Hi friends.

We have prepared for you a new product that allows you to create game terrains based on real geographical data in a few minutes.

Meet the new toolkit for Unity - «Real World Terrain».


How it works:

You specify the desired coordinates, or choose them in a special helper, right on the maps Google. Specify the settings and press «Start». The component will automatically download all the data and create the required number of seamless terrains. For each terrain creates a separate texture, which you can see where there are buildings, roads, rivers.

To create terrians using high-precision data SRTM v4.1, an accuracy of 3 arc seconds (90 meters) and the relative error in height of less than 6 meters.

Forget the paper maps and creating terrians "by eye." This unity terrain toolkit will reduce your artist for weeks and months of work to create terrains.

Learn more about the toolkit, you can watch a video on the product page.

The toolkit is now available in the Unity Asset Store.