The built-in editor Unity tools to work with landscapes have very limited functionality, which is inferior in features specialized programs, the same as Terragen or 3DMax. Therefore, to create landscape designers often use specialized programs. Development takes less time, and the result is often out of reach for the tools Unity.

But after importing the resulting model in Unity, designers expect a lot of surprises, of which they had no idea. Corners and bumps become noticeable, physics uses too many resources, and often behave incorrectly.

The right decision - to convert a beautiful finished model in Unity Terrain.

Today we bring you a new component Mesh to Terrain, which can greatly simplify the process of converting models landscapes created with the editor to Unity Terrain.

Works component is very simple. Place the Unity Terrain under the model, in the component specify what model and what Terrain you want to convert. The result will be ready in a few seconds. And Terrain takes is the right place, which is a model.

When working with the component, you can use any number of simultaneous models and Unity Terrains.

The component is available in Unity Asset Store.

Component description and usage instructions can be found on the product page.