Overview Notes

Version 1.3.4

The component Notes for Unity3D is used to create notes on GameObjects.

All GameObjects containing notes are marked with a special icon in the window «Hierarchy». You can mark GameObjects own icons.
You can add and edit your note in any mode of Unity editor. All changes made in the playmode will be saved.
All your notes can be found in the Notes Manager.
Add the values of any component can be a single click.

Price: 10 $

Version 1.3

New features

  • Added rapid opening notes in Notes Manager by clicking on the icon in the Hierarchy.
  • Added the ability to limit the height of the note. Mark is added that the scene changed when changing notes.
  • Added specify the name of the inserted component.
  • Added support values ​​are inserted, types AnimationCurve, Array, Enum and LayerMask.
  • Added button for quick access to the online documentation, the product page and the ability to write a letter to the developers.


Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed a bug width inspector, when word wrap is off.
  • Fixed a bug that resets the scroll position in the Notes Manager, when switching modes editor.
  • When you enable limits on the height of textarea, the current value of the current height of the text field.
  • Button Import / Export replaced with icons.
  • Items in the Notes Manager are now sorted by name GameObject.
  • Added icon to the button "Add note to selected object".
  • Evenly buttons Expand all / Collapse all.
  • Height restriction text box is now a maximum value of 800 or height 50.
  • Of the inserted variable names removed prefix "m_", where is.
  • More precise values ​​of the component insertion Transform.
  • Inserts the parameter value added tab.
  • Deleted by the prefix "UnityEngine." the name of the component.
  • Insert value of type Color, now inserts the types of Color and Color32.
  • Inserted type value ObjectReference, now has a name, path, and type.
  • Field notes to limit 16,000 characters.
  • Fixed a bug compatibility with other components that use playmodeStateChanged.


Version 1.2

New features

  • Added the ability to export and import notes from the manager.
  • Added the ability to export and import the text of the note from the component.
  • Added ability to expand / collapse notes in Notes Manager.
  • Added ability to select the object by double-clicking on the object name in the Notes Manager.
  • Added the ability to turn on word wrap in your notes.

Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Fixed warnings for Unity 4.2


Version 1.1

New features

  • Notes Manager.
  • Fast insert the values ​​of any component.
  • Ability to change the icons in the Hierarchy.