Online Maps v3.6.2


We have released a new version of Online Maps asset. This is a minor update that fixes bugs found.


[API] Added OnlineMapsMarkerManagerBase.OnCreateItem, with which you can track the creation of markers.
[API] Added OnlineMapsWWW.OnValidate, with which you can cancel any request.
[Core] Fixed bug updating map corners when setting positionRange.
[Control 3D] Fixed a bug with clicking on 3D markers when they are detected using EventSystem.RaycastAll.
[JSON] Fixed deserialization of double and float fields for dotNet v4.x, when the separator is a comma.
[Location Service] Now Online Maps Location Service when Input.location.isEnabledByUser = false, will request permission at runtime.
[Texture Control] Fixed positioning of 3D markers when the map is rotated.
[Texture Control] Fixed exception when creating 3d marker.