Online Maps v3.8


We have released a new version of Online Maps with navigation example.



[Adjust To Screen] AdjustToScreen component can now work with RawImageTouchForwarder.

[Camera Orbit] Fixed problem when active camera does not exist.

[Core] Fixed an exception when loading a tile if the map was destroyed in the process.

[Drawing API] Improved polygon center calculation.

[Elevations] Added warnings that ArcGIS Elevations has stopped and will not work.

[Examples] Added Navigation example scene.

[Examples (API Usage)] Updated HereRoutingAPIExample, InertiaExample, SaveMapStateExample, TilesetOverlayExample, uGUICustomTooltipExample.

[Fingers Touch Gestures Connector] Added check that the gesture is not on UI element.

[Key Manager] Added a key for ArcGIS.

[Tileset] Added ability to disable overlay from parent tiles.

[Webservices] Added support for HERE Routing API v8.

[Webservices] Added support for What3Word API v3.