uContext v1.11


We have released a new version of the asset with debug mode for component windows, preview of View States, and many other improvements.


[Bookmarks] The sort order of the filtered items has been fixed.
[Component Window] Added debug mode where you can see all serialized fields.
[Context Menu] Now AddComponentMenu attribute is used for components.
[Core] Camel Case Search replaced to Fuzzy Search.
[Core] Added the ability to add and remove a bookmark and ungroup GameObject in the context menu for GameObject.
[Create Browser] Filtered items are now sorted by relevance instead of name.
[Group] Grouping fixed when the target is not a selected GameObjects.
[Group] Fixed customization of the hotkey for grouping.
[Hierarchy] Missed digits in Photoshop style names fixed.
[Preview] Preview can now display View States.
[Search] Improved layout.
[Search] Added support for meta keys for quick search on a specified source.
[Search] Impreved search for components.
[Search] Improved context menu for items.
[Search] Window search now shows the full menu path for an item.
[Ungroup] Added the ability to ungroup GameObjects.
[View Gallery] In View Gallery you can now choose which cameras and View States will be used in Preview.