uContext v2.10


We have released a new version of the uContext asset that adds Missing Script Fixer, Pivot Tool and Custom Tool Switcher.

[Actions] AudioListener will not be duplicated for cameras created from the context menu.
[Actions] For objects created from the context menu, undo will now work correctly.
[Create Browser] Added tooltips for all items.
[Create Browser] Improved the order of objects in the Create section.
[Create Browser] Fixed an issue when scripts inside the prefab threw an exception.
[Context Menu] Fixed positioning of the context menu opened using the right mouse button for Unity 2021.2 and higher.
[Core] Improved detection of the position in the scene under the cursor when GameObject has a Mesh Filter.
[Drag and Drop] Added a tooltip of what exactly happens when you drag a Sprite, Texture or Prefab onto the canvas.
[Drag and Drop] Fixed hiding Sprite preview when the cursor entered the canvas.
[Fuzzy Search] Improved speed and reduced memory allocation in all tools that use it.
[Group] Added the ability to specify parent, alignment and whether the collection should be created.
[Group] Fixed problem with parent when only one object was grouped.
[Group] Now the window will automatically close when opening the context menu and compiling scripts.
[Hiearchy Row Background] Added the ability to choose a background style (solid or gradient).
[Inspector Bar] Added the ability do not display materials (enabled by default).
[Inspector Bar] Added wrapping of elements to the next line.
[Inspector Bar] Fixed problem with bar injection after scripts compilation.
[New] Added Custom Tool Switcher (U) which will switch all custom tools including third party ones.
[New] Added Pivot Tool.
[New] Added Missed Script Fixer.
[Solo Visibility] Fixed work when using bookmarks or hierarchy backgrounds.
[View Gallery] Changed the default shortcut to ALT + SHIFT + V so as not to conflict with the built-in shortcut for creating an empty parent.