Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.14


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Project File Extensions

When Project Window uses single-column mode, file extensions will be displayed on the right side of the window.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Move Light Target

Hold down B button to display handles for moving the Directional and Spot Light target point.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Project Create Custom Editor

Hover over a row or cell in a project that contains a script inherited from MonoBehaviour to display a button to quickly create a Custom Editor for that script.


Full changelog:
[Drag And Drop To Event Field] Added a display of the Dynamic section.
[Drag And Drop To Event Field] Fixed display of classes with namespaces.
[Empty Inspector] Improved notification of new asset versions.
[Empty Inspector] Added option to disable notification of new asset versions in settings.
[New] Added the ability to show file extensions in the single-column Project window.
[New] Added the ability to move the Spot and Direction light target point when the B button is held down.
[New] Added ability to change the value of numeric fields with the mouse wheel when it has keyboard focus and mouse cursor over it.
[New] Added ability to quickly create CustomEditor for MonoBehaviour in a project.
[Pivot Tool] Fixed tool working in some cases.
[Platforms] Fixed issues on Apple M2, M3.
[Project Create Scripts] Added templates for creating PropertyDrawer and ScriptableObject.
[Settings] Added option to disable checking for updates.
[Unity] Fixed issues in Unity 2023.1+.