Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.15


We've released a new version of the Ultimate Editor Enhancer asset, with Mini Layouts, Scene Backups and improved support for Unity 2023.2+.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Scene Backups

Ultimate Editor Enhancer backs up open scenes 24 hours.
The backup interval can be changed in the settings. 
If the interval is set to 0 hours, a backup copy will be made at each save.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Mini Layouts

Mini Layout is one or more floating docked windows.
You can save and load your own window combinations.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Search By Folder

When you want to isolate the search context to a specific folder, right-click on it in the Project window and select Search By Folder.


Full changelog:
[Autosave] Added ability to make autosaves to separate files (disabled by default).
[Empty Inspector] The style of the element group has been changed.
[Hierachy Best Icons] Fixed the problem that icons were not always immediately displayed correctly after compiling scripts.
[Menu] Changed menu path to Tools / Ultimate Editor Enhancer.
[Menu] The order of menu items has been improved.
[New] Added the ability to make scene backups.
[New] Added ability to save and load mini layouts.
[Other] Cross scene references warnings when using Unity API have been silenced.
[Pin And Close Window] Fixed a problem with moving the target window.
[Quick Access Bar] Fixed a problem that the save and open scene buttons were ignoring visibility settings.
[Search] Added the ability to limit the search context to a folder.
[Settings] Resetting to default settings now also affects backgrounds rules, empty inspector items, mini layouts, project folder icons.
[Recent Windows] Expanded the list of windows that should not be included in the list of recent windows.
[Unity] Fixed issues in Unity 2023.2+.