Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.2


We have released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer with many improvements.



[Group] When grouping one GameObject, the name will be suggested by {ORIGINAL NAME} Container.

[Input Dialog] Improved window closing by ESC.

[New] Added the ability to play clips in Animator Inspector.

[New] Transform Inspector has the ability to change the position, rotation and scale in world space, and specify the size of the object in world units.

[New] For BoxCollider added the ability to determine the size of the object based on Renderers.

[New] Added Empty Inspector.

[Pivot Tool] Added pivot icon next to handles.

[Pivot Tool] Added the ability to set pivot by vertex.

[Pivot Tool] Added the ability to set orientation by two vertices.

[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to automatically close View Gallery when an item is selected.

[Recent Scenes] Added the ability to close the window by ESC.

[Rename] For mass renaming, a preview of the new name for the first element will be shown.

[Toolbar] Improved display of the windows button.