[Core] Tweaks for deep integration with Real World Terrain. (2019.07.31)
[Actions] Fixed Add Component action.
[Core] Added preparation for integration with Online Maps and Real World Terrain.
The integration is implemented on the side of Online Maps and Real World Terrain, and will be available in future versions of assets.
[Prefs] Now the pause in play mode is disabled by default. You can enable this in the settings.
[Search] Added the ability to add the script to selected GameObject by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.
[Unity] Added support for Unity 2019.2. (2019.06.21)
[Actions] Fixed Create Parent and Create Temporary actions.
[Actions] Fixed a typo in Temporary.
[Search] Fixed possible exception during search. (2019.06.07)
[Actions] Removed Create Empty Child from Create action.
[Behaviours] Fixed Add Component Behaviour on Unity 2019.1.
[OSX] Improved and fixed default keyboard shortcuts for OSX. See the documentation for new shortcuts.
[Search] Added the ability to search by scene and project at the same time (now this is the default tab).
[Search] Strongly optimized caching of objects and assets for search.
[Search] Added support for Camel Case Search. For example, enter DL to search for Directional Light.
[Search] Added support for searching by object type. For example, enter wa:te to search for 08. Waila texture in the project.
[Waila] Changed the style to display the names of objects for better readability. (2019.05.02)
[Core] Added the ability to create a permanent and temporary camera from the menu.
[Core] Added the ability to create a View State from the menu.
[Prefs] Added the ability to set Alt, Command and Function keys.
[Search] When switching between searching by scene and by project, the text is no longer selected.
[Search] Search is now enabled by default for Unity 2019.x.
[View Gallery] Added hotkey for View Gallery (default is CTRL + SHIFT + G).
[View Gallery] Added the ability to create a View State, a permanent or temporary camera from View Gallery. (2019.04.24)
[Context Menu] Now the default hot key for OSX is CTRL + Z.
[Core] Fixed opening the context menu and windows on OSX.
[Settings] Fixed bug loading settings escaped strings and objects.
[Smart Selection] Now the default hot key for OSX is CTRL + SHIFT + Z. (2019.04.18)
[Core] Hotfix for Unity 2019.x with dotNet v3.5 Equivalent. (2019.04.17)
[Actions] Added action - Close All Component Window.
[Context Menu] Added the ability to create temporary objects.
[Context Menu] Added the ability to create and remove a view state.
[Core] Implemented view state concept.
[Core] Implemented the ability to draw WAILA and Preview over Unity Scene UI elements.
[Search] Disabled by default for Unity 2019.x due to the awesome Quick Search package.
[WAILA] Improved Smart Selection UI.
[WAILA] Added the ability to display the height of the terrain under the cursor.
[Windows] Added View Gallery. (2019.04.02)
[Actions] Improved camera.farClipPlane for temporary cameras.
[Windows] Fixed an exception when Terrain Editor loses focus. (2019.04.02)
[Actions] Added the ability to create a permanent or temporary camera from the Scene View.
[Actions] Added the ability to quickly set the view from the camera.
[Bookmarks] Bookmarks can now store GameObjects.
[Bookmarks] For Unity 2019+, you can toggle the visibility of GameObjects.
[Bookmarks] Added the ability to open the bookmark window from the menu.
[Core] When closing Unity Editor now closes all popup windows.
[Prefs] Added the ability to change the default window size.
[Prefs] Added the ability to restore default settings.
[Preview] Use the mouse wheel to switch between cameras.
[Preview] Use F in Preview to set the view.
[Search] Added the ability to not use the search on specified windows.
[Search] Now search by default is disabled for Bookmarks, Profiler and Settings.
[Search] Improved search algorithm.
[Temporary Objects] Implemented temporary objects that will be automatically destroyed in the playmode.
[Terrain Brush Size] Now it is disabled when Preview is active.
[Windows] Drag and drop Component into SceneView to open it in a separate window. (2019.03.27)
[Actions] Added the ability to create a parent object.
[Bookmarks] Added the ability to drag and drop components to bookmarks.
[Bookmarks] Improved Bookmark window.
[Bookmarks] Clear Bookmarks now ask for confirmation.
[Core] Fixed the problem of running for the interception of keys.
[Improvements] Improved Add Component by shortcut behaviour.
[Improvements] Improved drag and drop Texture to Canvas behaviour.
[Improvements] Improved drag and drop Sprite to Canvas behaviour.
[Improvements] Improved drag and drop Prefab with Rect Transform to Canvas behaviour.
[Search] Added a smart search for GameObject and components in the scene, and assets in the project.
[Waila] Waila now works built-in way, and will always show the correct GameObjects under the cursor.
[Zoom By Shortcut] Added the ability to fast zoom in / out Scene View. (2019.03.19)
First release