Major new features:
* Visual Tour Maker - allows you to create great interactive virtual tours in a couple of minutes.
This is a fully visual drag-and-drop solution that takes virtual tours to the next level.
* Integration with Playmaker - allows you to create dynamic panoramas using visual scripting.
* The concept of global (for all panoramas) events and transitions.
This allows you to set the behavior for all panoramas, hot spots and directions once, and not to recreate it for each panorama.

And many other minor new features, improvements and fixes. (2019.08.07)
[Core] Fixed memory leak.
[Requests] Improved progressive texture download from Google Street View. (2019.07.30)
[Controls] Rotation of the panorama using the keyboard is disabled when the focus is on the text field. (2019.07.16)
[Requests] Fixed disposing of Google Street View request. (2019.07.13)
[Actions] Fixed ShowTooltip action with multiple Hot Spots.
[API] Added WWWRequest.OnPrepareURL hook to intercept all download requests.
[Requests] Fixed downloading of Google Street View by coordinates for dotNet v4.x. (2019.06.28)
[Core] Added support for Scriptable Render Pipeline.
[Downloader] Added plugin for dynamic loading of panoramas by URL.
[Renderers] Optimized changing panomama textures. (2019.05.14)
[Downloader, Google Street View Plugin] Added the ability to download Google User Content panoramas.
[Downloader] Added the ability to specify a zoom for Google Street View and Google User Content panoramas. (2019.03.05)
[Downloader] Added the ability to download panoramas up to 8192.
[Updater] Fixed check for uPano updates for dotNet v4.x. (2019.02.19)
[Services] Fixed ignoring zoom when downloading Google Street View panoramas. (2019.02.14)
[Directions, HotSpots] Fixed exception when dynamically creating a panorama without a manager.
[Renderers] Fixed dynamic setting of material and defaultMaterial fields for SingleTexturePanoRenderer. (2019.02.14)
[Controls] Fixed Gyro Control for iOS. (2018.10.03)
[Actions] Added actions: Set Text, Set Transform Position.
[Actions] Open URL action now uses Application.OpenURL.
[Controls] Fixed an exception caused by UI compass if you exit from the scene with a panorama and go back.
[Controls] Now clicking on the arrows of UI compass stops the automatic rotation.
[Examples] Updated example scenes.
[Hot Spots] Now the default distance multiplier is 0.95.
[Interactive Elements] Now click event causes the pointer exit event.
[Renderers] Now defailt shader is Unlit/Texture. (2018.09.25)
[Actions] Added a new actions: SetFov, SetPanTilt, SetGameObjectActive.
[Actions] Now TransitionAction will unlock the panorama locked earlier.
[Controls] Now the compass updates the orientation of the arrow when the panorama has been enabled.
[Controls] Now UI Controls uses the last enabled panorama.
[Examples] Added 10. Switching panoramas in same scene.
[Preview] Fixed an exception if Hot Spot Manager did not have any items.
[Renderers] Fixed conversion pan tilt to Unity World Position for CubePanoRenderer. (2018.09.22)
[API] Added the ability to lock interaction with the panorama.
[Actions] Added Open URL and Play Sound actions.
[Actions] For DestroyCurrentPanorama, LoadAnotherPanorama, LoadScene, the ability to specify before and after transitions is added.
[Controls] Fixed a bug of losing reference to AutoRotate in UI Buttons control.
[Core] Fixed warnings for Unity 2018.3.
[Other] Rearranged elements in Component menu.
[Quick Actions] Added the ability to specify before and after transitions.
[Transitions] Implemented a system of composite transitions from and to the panorama.
[Visual Editor] Now it supports directions.
[Visual Editor] Fixed bug of conversion of PoV to UV for spherical renderer. (2018.09.25)
Important: The content has been moved from Standard Assets to Plugins.
Delete the old version before importing the new one.

Main new features:
- Directions.
- Visual editor of interactive elements.
- Global events of interactive elements.
- Quick actions for interactive elements.
- UI Compass Control.
- Set cursor action.

And much more... (2018.08.27)
First release (2018.08.27)
First release