Huge Texture  v1.1
Huge Texture

Huge Texture allows you to import and use textures larger than 8192x8192px.

How it works:
When importing a texture, Huge Texture splits the texture into pages and saves it as a Texture Array.
Texture Array is combined on the shader side, which does not create extra draw calls and has almost no effect on performance.

• Not all platforms support Texture Arrays.
The list of supported platforms is here:
• The field must accept Texture (not Texture2D), and the component must accept custom material or shader.
For example, Huge Texture can be used in Mesh Renderer, Raw Image, etc.

• The maximum size of the texture:
 • PNG and JPG up to 16384x16384px;
 • RAW up to 2GB (2 147 483 648 bytes).
  This refers to the final size of Texture2D Array, where without transparency the pixel size is 3 bytes, and 4 bytes with transparency.
  For square textures, the maximum size is 26624x26624 pixels without transparency, and 23040x23040 with transparency.
  If your texture is not square, then you can calculate the size using the formula - width * height * pixel size.
• Standard Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline (URP, LWRP), High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP);
• Compressed (DXT1, DXT5) and uncompressed (ARGB32, RGB24) textures;
• Does not produce extra draw calls. You will have as many draw calls as you would with a regular texture;
• API for working with huge textures, as with regular Texture2D;
• Built-in update system.

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