Online Maps  v3
OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps Struct Reference

The main properties of the map More...

Public Attributes

double longitude
 Longitude of the center point More...
double latitude
 Latitude of the center point More...
double topLatitude
 Latitude of the top border More...
double leftLongitude
 Longitude of the left border More...
double bottomLatitude
 Latitude of the bottom border More...
double rightLongitude
 Longitude of the right border More...
int zoom
 Zoom More...
int width
 Width of the map More...
int height
 Height of the map More...
float zoomFactor
 The scaling factor for zoom More...
float zoomScale
 The fractional part of zoom More...


float floatZoom [get, set]
 Float zoom More...

Detailed Description

The main properties of the map

Member Data Documentation

◆ bottomLatitude

double OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.bottomLatitude

Latitude of the bottom border

◆ height

int OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.height

Height of the map

◆ latitude

double OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.latitude

Latitude of the center point

◆ leftLongitude

double OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.leftLongitude

Longitude of the left border

◆ longitude

double OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.longitude

Longitude of the center point

◆ rightLongitude

double OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.rightLongitude

Longitude of the right border

◆ topLatitude

double OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.topLatitude

Latitude of the top border

◆ width

int OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.width

Width of the map

◆ zoom

int OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.zoom


◆ zoomFactor

float OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.zoomFactor

The scaling factor for zoom

◆ zoomScale

float OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.zoomScale

The fractional part of zoom

Property Documentation

◆ floatZoom

float OnlineMapsBuffer.StateProps.floatZoom

Float zoom