Added check for models with Index Format - 32 bits.
Reworked Capture Mode - Camera.
Removed Adjust size of Meshes.
Increased the speed of generating heightmaps.
The documentation has been completely redesigned into HTML format. (2021.02.25)
Added a cancelable progress bar for generating holes and smoothing heightmap.
Added the ability to specify Basemap Distance and Heightmap Pixel Error.
Optimized generation of heightmaps and textures.
Prefabs are no longer destroyed when converted.
Fixed a bug due to which generation without textures did not start when Adjust Mesh Size - OFF.
Fixed hole generation bug for Unity 2019.2 and older.
Fixed display of special characters in change log of the built-in update system. (2020.12.02)
Added integration with Huge Texture asset.
Added ability to generate holes for Unity 2019.3+.
Added the ability to automatically setup lighting for Capture Mode - Camera.
Added additional checks and messages to Mesh to Terrain window.
Adjust size of meshes no longer unpack prefabs.
Improved detection of adding objects not from the scene.
Improved Example scene.
Fixed a bug due to which some objects were removed from the scene after conversion.
Removed support for Unity v5.6 - 2018.3. Mesh to Terrain now supports Unity 2018.4 LTS+. (2020.08.18)
Improved UI for Unity 2019.3 and higher.
Fixed issue with RTP integration. (2020.06.05)
Fixed setting the texture max size in the importer when using Capture Mode - Camera. (2019.08.02)
Added support for Unity 2019.2.
Improved texture generation with Capture Mode - Raycast. (2019.05.29)
Removed support for Unity v5.2 - 5.5.
Mesh to Terrain now supports Unity 5.6+.

Fixed missing textures bug for Unity 2018.3. (2019.04.22)
Fixed warnings in Unity 2019.1. (2018.11.19)
Added support for Unity 2018.3. (2018.09.01)
Fixed bug with missing texture while saving scene. (2018.07.09)
Added the ability to adjust the size of meshes to work around the raycasting problem for very small and very big models.
Added the ability to generate textures using the camera.
Removed Unity 4.6-5.1 support. Now supported Unity v5.2 - 2018.x.
Updated documentation. (2017.08.25)
Fixed an update check with an invoice number of the new format. (2017.04.03)
Fixed warnings in Unity v5.6.
Fixed integration with Relief Terrain Pack.
Removed support for Unity v4.3-4.5. (2016.10.20)
Fixed artifacts with texture generation on Unity v5.x.
Added the ability to generate textures up to 8192x8192 on Unity v5.4+. (2016.06.17)
Fixed a bug getting the color when there is no texture. (2016.04.25)
Fixed a bug when Resolution Per Patch = 0. (2015.12.15)
Added about window.
Added supports for Unity v5.3.
Added the ability to open the window from the context menu hierarchy.
Improved help menu.
Updated documentation. (2015.11.28)
Added the ability to calculate the holes based on the neighboring values.
Added the ability to select the size of the generated area (like a collider). (2015.10.29)
Fixed smoothing of heightmap.
Fixed default value of heightmap. (2015.09.04)
Added support for Unity 5.1. (2015.03.18)
Added support for Unity 5.
Stopped support for Unity v3.5-4.2. Now required version is Unity v4.3+.
Added the ability to specify the alpha maps resolution.
Improved window GUI.
Added hints to the fields.
Fixed heightmap resolution values. (2014.11.21)
Updated documentation. (2014.11.18)