[Icons] Fixed the display of the open scene button on the light theme.
[Select Scene Window] Added the ability to open as a standalone window that can be docked in layout.
[Select Scene Window] Added the ability to restart playing from a selected scene.
[Settings] Added the ability to cause the scene list to refresh.
[Toolbar] Added the ability to restart the current scenes.
[Toolbar] The scene selection button is now displayed in play mode. (2023.10.16)
[Select Scene Window] Fixed problems when modal windows were shown behind the scene selection window.
[Toolbar Button] Fixed clicking on a button if the mouse moved when clicked. (2023.08.30)
[Scene Manager] Fixed exception when favorite scenes is null. (2023.08.30)
[Integration] Added auto-detection of button style in toolbar when Ultimate Editor Enhancer is present in the project.
[Scenes] Added the ability to hide a section of other scenes.
[Toolbar] Added ability to select button style in toolbar.
[Window] Added ability to quickly hide scenes when displaying hidden scenes is enabled.
[Window] Fixed autosize issue on some devices.
[Window] Fixed an exception when a scene from favorites was deleted. (2023.08.21)
[New] Added the ability to hide scenes.
[Rows] Added behaviors when clicking on the scene name:
* Click - ping the scene in the project.
* Double Click - open the scene.
* SHIFT + Double Click - open scene additively.
* Right Click - context menu.
[Unity] Added support for Unity 2019.3 and higher.
[Window] Added window width adjustment for long scene names.
[Window] Fixed display of horizontal scrolling. (2023.08.10)
Asset name changed (2023.08.09)
First release