Tree Tool

Documentation for Tree Tool v2


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Tree Tool gives you full control over every tree on your terrains. You can move, scale, rotate, change color and prefab, extract and inject, duplicate and remove trees in just seconds. You can interact with each tree individually or with multiple trees at the same time.

The tool is very easy to use and you will be able to use it even if today is your first day of using Unity. It is perfectly optimized and will not slow down the scene even if you have more than 100k trees on terrain. Tree Tool is also fully compatible with trees created by Unity Terrain Editor or third party assets.

If you want to achieve perfect trees in your project, Tree Tool will be your best and indispensable friend.

Using Tool

Select Tool

Select the Tree Tool from the toolbar.

Terrain Trees

Scene View Toolbar

The Scene View will display a square at the position of each tree. Important: Squares have a limited display distance (50 units by default).

Click on the square to select a tree. To select multiple trees at once hold SHIFT while selecting trees, or use the selection rectangle.

The tree will display handles allowing you to move, rotate and scale the tree. Note: Rotation is not available for trees created using the Tree component.

Close to handles, a toolbar will be displayed allowing you to do the following:

Tree Injection