Tree Tool

Manage each tree individually

Introducing Tree Tool - the ultimate solution for enhancing your Unity Terrain Editor experience!

Gone are the days of being limited to adding and removing trees, or accepting generic generated trees. With Tree Tool, you can now take control of individual trees as separate scene objects.

Imagine being able to effortlessly move, resize, replace, tint, extract or remove trees in just seconds - Tree Tool makes it possible! Designed specifically for artists and level designers, it offers unparalleled ease of use and unlocks content quality that was previously only achievable with meshes.

But that's not all - Tree Tool is also fully compatible with trees created by Unity Terrain Editor or third party assets, making it an incredibly versatile tool.

And the best part? Our asset is highly optimized, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of its features without any impact on your scene's performance - even with thousands of trees! Don't wait any longer to elevate your Unity Terrain Editor game - get Tree Tool today!

Worried about the quality of the asset or are not sure that it is suitable for your project:
After the purchase, you have two weeks to test the asset.
If the asset is not suitable for your project, has any problems or you simply do not like it, contact us and we will make a refund.


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