Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.11
May 23, 2023
Released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer with Custom Pivot Rotation Tool, Note Manager and other useful things.
Tree Tool v1.3
May 02, 2023
A new version of the Tree Tool with the ability to rotate trees has been released.
Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.10
April 11, 2023
We've released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer asset with search by serialized fields, Component To JSON, and runtime note features.
Tree Tool Demo
March 15, 2023
Demo of Tree Tool is out, offering control of individual trees as scene objects, creating stunning outdoor environments with unparalleled flexibility.
Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.9
March 07, 2023
Ultimate Editor Enhancer's v3.9 for Unity includes color-coded folder icons, quick script and material creation, and precise movement of selected objects.
Huge Texture v1.3
February 22, 2023
Huge Texture asset now supports normal maps, allowing game developers to add more realistic surface details to their projects.
Real World Terrain v4.8
February 14, 2023
Real World Terrain asset has been updated with new Seams Fixer tool, improved documentation, and Google Maps helper for more accurate terrain.
Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.8
January 17, 2023
We have released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer with Notes and Quick Folder Creation.
uPano v3.1
December 22, 2022
The new version of uPano asset is already available.