Online Maps v3.7


We have released a new version of the asset with tile elevation managers, and caching elevations and custom data.


[API] Added ability to specify zoom range for drawing element.
[API] OnlineMapsLocationServiceBase.OnCompassChanged now always passes values from 0 to 1.
[Cache] Added the ability to cache elevations and user data in the file system.
[Control] Fixed rare exception for UI Image Control and UI Raw Image Control.
[Core] The compilation directive ONLINEMAPS_MAXZOOM_23 has been removed.
[Drawing API] Fixed line drawing in some rare cases.
[Elevations] Added ArcGIS Tiled Manager and Bing Maps Tiled Manager.
[Elevations] Tiled Elevation Managers (ArcGIS Tiled, Bing Maps Tiled and Mapbox) now support caching.
[Examples] Added BuildingClickExample, CheckArcGISTile, CustomWMSProvider, DrawCircleAroundMarker,
GoogleAPIHook, MapBaseboards, RasterizeDrawingForOverlay, SwitchToProviderWithKey, uGUIMarkerDrawer.
[Examples] Fixed TilesetMapTilerOverlayExample, NGUICustomTooltipExample.
[Examples] Removed uGUICustomMarkerEngineExample, NGUICustomMarkerSystemExample.
[Key Manager] Added field for HERE Api Key.
[Location Service] Fixed scale setting for 3D marker.
[Markers] Fixed problem when dragging a marker.
[Third-Party] Added getting north pan from Street View for uPano.
[Third-Party] Added the ability to switch to neighboring Street View panoramas.
[Unity] Removed support for Unity 2017.1-2017.3. Now requires Unity 2017.4 LTS and higher.
[Webservices] Now HERE services can use API key.
[Webservices] Fixed access points to HERE services.
[Wizard] Fixed creating NGUI map using the wizard.
[Wizard] If no parent is specified for UI Image Control and UI Raw Image Control, an existing Canvas will be used or a new one will be created.