uContext Basic



uContext Basic is Free Editor PowerPack that take your workflow in Unity Editor to a next level, simplifies working with content, adds new features to the editor, corrects and improves the editor’s built-in behaviors.
Over 30 useful tools in one asset.
Make your usual actions with lightning speed with uContext.

For more features, check out uContext Pro.

Key features:

- Universal context menu which is available everywhere in Unity Editor and allows you to quickly open the most useful windows, open components, create objects, add components, navigate and perform many more useful actions.

- WAILA (What Am I Looking At) displays name of GameObject under the cursor.

- Object Placer allows you to easily and quickly create objects in the scene. Just point to the place where you want to create the object and press CTRL + SHIFT + Right Click.

- Ability to open any component in a separate window. The component will be displayed as if it were part of an inspector. Custom editors and third-party assets that modify the inspector (like Odin - Inspector and Serializer) are supported. The component will always be available, even if GameObject has lost focus.

- View Gallery - displaying images from all View States, with the ability to set the view from View State with one click.

- Quick Preview shows the image from cameras and View States in Scene View.
Allows you to quickly view the scene from different angles.

- Bookmarks for any objects in a scene or project, allow you to always keep your most needed objects at hand.
In addition, you can store folders from the project in bookmarks, which gives you almost limitless possibilities for organizing content.

- The ability to quickly switch between open windows, even when the current window is maximized.

- Recent windows allows you to quickly open windows that are not closed recently.

- Favorite Windows allows you to create your own list of windows that are most useful to you and open them with one click. Built-in Unity Editor windows and third party asset windows are supported.

- Smart Search for GameObjects and Components in the scene, assets in the project, and items in the menu.
Extra search features:
Fuzzy search: allows you to search by characters and parts of a word, for example, enter «pw» to find «Project Window».
Search by type: Enter «:» and the type of object (in whole or in part) to search by type. For example, «wa:te» will find «08. Waila» texture in the project, or «DL:go» will find «Directional Light» GameObject in the scene.
Drag and Drop: You can drag and drop objects from search results into a scene or inspector.

- Selection History - uContext stores a history of object selections in the scene and project, and you can quickly switch between entries.

- Duplicate Tool - just drag GameObjects in the desired direction to create a duplicate.

Additional features:
- Align & Distribute Tools;
- Drop To Floor;
- Grouping and ungrouping GameObjects;
- Recent Scenes;
- Displaying position, rotation and scale in Scene View when using the appropriate tools;
- Displaying the size of selected objects;
- Tool for calculating distances in the scene;
- Fast switching between Scene View and Game View (CTRL + SHIFT + TAB);
- Temporary objects. Allows you to create temporary objects that will be destroyed at start the scene;
- Fast zoom in / out scene view;
- Rename GameObjects in Scene View by F2;
- Integration with Online Maps, Real World Terrain;

Improves the built-in behavior of the Unity Editor:
- Drag and drop objects onto Canvas;
- Add Component by shortcut;
- Change the size of the brush Terrain Editor using the mouse wheel;
- Maximize Game View in playmode by SHIFT + Space;
- Maximize any window by F11.

uContext is fully customizable. If a feature does not fit your workflow, you can adjust or disable this feature.

Download for free from the Asset Store.