Online Maps v3.4


We have released a new version of Online Maps asset.



[Drawing] Fixed display elements for zoom between 2 and 3.

[Drawing] Fixed clipping elements at float zoom.

[Drawing] Fixed artifact when the first and last points of the polygon have the same coordinates.

[Elevations] Added ability to specify elevations resolution for ArcGIS (up to 100).

[Elevations] Slightly increased dowloading area for ArcGIS and Bing Maps.

[Elevations] Added the ability to tween update values for ArcGIS and Bing Maps.

[Examples] Updated GroupMarkersExample.

[Markers] Fixed flat markers positioning for Tileset with float zoom.

[Markers 3D] Fixed exception when using altitude without elevations.

[Third-party] Fixed display of uPano panoramas when trying to open a second panorama while the first one is loading.

[Third-party] Added progressive loading of panoramas, and panoramas will be shown almost immediately.

[Third-party] Now when displaying panomas, changing the zoom and the position of the map is blocked.