Online Maps v3.4.1


We have released a new version of Online Maps asset. This is a minor update that fixes bugs found.



[API] Fixed OnlineMapsControlBase.GetScreenPosition for UI Image and UI RawImage Controls when the map is rotated.

[Drawing API] Fixed artifacts when drawing polygons, when the first and last points are the same.

[Examples] Added important notes to CustomDownloadTileExample.

[Plugins] Improved Adjust to Screen.

[Plugins] Improved SmoothZoomOnMouseEvents.

[Plugins] Fixed SmoothZoomOnMouseEvents for UI Image and UI RawImage Controls.

[Third-party] Added the ability to check the color of the overlay texture under the cursor when integrated with uPano.

[Third-party] The map will now work correctly if you destroy a panorama GameObject.

[Third-party] Fixed zoom level when opening uPano.

[Wizard] Camera Orbit is no longer available for selection for Textrue Control in the wizard.