Online Maps v3.6 beta


We are pleased to inform you that we are starting a beta test of Online Maps v3.6.
This version has the most fundamental changes since Online Maps v3.

Now you can have any number of active maps of any type at a time.
We recommend that you do not abuse this feature because multiple active maps can dramatically affect performance and memory usage.

In addition, the obsolete Online Maps v2 API has been removed in Online Maps v3.6.
So if you want to update a project that uses Online Maps v2, you first need to request Online Maps v3.5, update the project to Online Maps v3.5, and then update the project to the latest version of the asset.



[API] OnlineMapsTile.GetTile, OnlineMapsTile.GetTileKey, OnlineMapsTile.tiles, OnlineMapsTile.dTiles are obsoleted.
[Buildings] Improved generation of buildings.
[Core] Removed obsolete API.
[Core] Added the ability to have multiple active map instances at the same time.
[Drawing] Now rect can have a backgroundTexture for tileset.
[Examples] Added example scripts: DragAndZoomInertia, FollowGameObject.
[Markers] Fixed size type - Real World.
[Plugins] Improved Adjust to Screen.