Online Maps v3.7.11


Online Maps v3.7.11 has been released, in which we have increased the performance and stability of the asset.


[Cache] Fixed the problem that the cache did not trigger the OnAllTilesLoaded event.
[Core] Optimized performance.
[Inspector] Fixed problem with saving version of tiles for Google Maps.
[Interactive Elements] Fixed NullReference exception when adding objects in some cases.
[Log] The log can now display messages on the UI.
[Marker 3D] Fixed the problem that the 3D marker was not displayed in some cases.
[Third-party] Fixed warning when enabling third-party asset integrations.
[Third-party] Easy Touch Connector now supports touch forwarding.
[Third-party] Fixed integration with uContext.
[Tileset] Fixed conversion from world position to coordinates, if zoom has changed in the current frame before.
[Touch Forwarder] Reworked Raw Image Touch Forwarder.
[Traffic] Improved drawing traffic to texture.