Online Maps v3.7.2


New version of the asset with the ability to display Tileset on the UI.


[Core] Map events are now cleared in OnDestroy, instead of OnDisable.
[Core] Static events are no longer cleared at all, so make sure you unsubscribe from them when you disable and/or destroy your scripts.
[Core] Fixed mouse wheel issue when drawing a map using RenderTexture.
[Core] Fixed a rare problem when drawing element and marker do not have a reference to manager.
[Core] Fixed an issue where if a tile was loaded from Resources and then unloaded, it did not load again.
[Core] Fixed problem with redirecting requests through proxies.
[Elevations] Added API to get elevation by coordinate.
[Examples] Added Tileset on UI example scene.
[Examples] Updated FollowGameObject example.
[Limits] Now it uses float zoom.
[Location Service] Fixed marker scale.
[Marker 3D] Fixed saving field size type.
[Marker 3D] Fixed marker positioning in the zoom range 1.00001 - 1.0039.
[Plugins] Added RawImageTouchForwarder, which allows you to control a map drawn using Render Texture on UI. Special thanks to Brian Chasalow.