Online Maps v3.7.4


[Buildings] Fixed an issue where new buildings were received when the zoom went out of the building range.
[Buildings] Fixed map movement when clicking on a building.
[Cache] Improved performance when loading tile from file cache.
[Core] Drawing to texture has been heavily optimized.
[Inspectors] Fixed drawing of building material items.
[Location Service] Fixed rotation between 359 and 0.
[Services] Added the ability to select OSM Overpass server in the Troubleshooting section.
[Services] Changed OSM Overpass server by default.
[Services] Google Places Autocomplete and Google Places Details now support session token.
[Third-party] Added the ability to handle the opening of a uPano panorama.
[Third-party] Fixed problem when Pano Connector lost a reference to the map.
[Tileset] The tileset will now work correctly with Mesh Renderer, Mesh Filter, and Mesh Collider added to map GameObject manually.
[Tileset] Now all overlay layers will take textures from parent tiles if it is missed at the current level.