Online Maps v3.7.7


We have released a new version of Online Maps asset. This is a minor update that fixes bugs found.

[Cache] The cache no longer stores the reference to the map, and uses the reference to the map from the tile.
[Core] Removed the disposing of the tile manager when the map GameObject is disabled.
[Core] Fixed problem with unloading tiles loaded from Resources.
[Core] Fixed bug in parsing vector tiles.
[Elevations] Added the ability to handle loading all tiles.
[Examples] Updated Demo example scene.
[Inspector] Fixed an exception when caching tiles in Resources when using Tileset / Compress Textres - ON.
[Inspector] Fixed rare exception when trying to save state.
[JSON] Fixed exception when trying to serialize Action .
[Location Service] Added the ability to get distance between location updates.
[Providers] Updated url for HERE.