uContext v1.12



[Bookmarks] Added grid mode.
[Bookmarks] Added ability to navigate folders.
[Bookmarks] Added the ability to play audio.
[Bookmarks] Added actions for double-clicking on an item.
[Bookmarks] Improved preview icons.
[Context Menu] Incorrect window sizes were fixed when the context menu was opened close to the upper or lower border of the screen.
[Create Browser] Improved preview icons.
[Create Browser] When you create a camera, a duplicate Audio Listener will be automatically deleted.
[Hierarchy] When a component on a GameObject has an error or exception, the error icon will be displayed on the GameObject row in the hierarchy.
[Popup Windows] Fixed display of pin and close when the window opened close to the upper border of the screen.
[Preview] Fixed camera initialization bug.
[Search] Improved preview icons.
[Settings] Improved settings layout.
[Toolbar] Added the ability to display buttons to the left and right of the play button.
[Toolbar] Added a button to the left of the play button when clicked restores View State for selection.
[Tools] Added duplicate tool.
[View Gallery] Fixed a bug restore View State from the context menu.
[View States] Added the ability to save and restore View States for selection.
[Waila] Tooltip update bug fixed when the tooltip was modified by a third-party script.
[Waila] Improved tooltip for Terrain.
[Windows] Added ability to display open windows on toolbar.
[Windows] Added the ability to display recently closed windows on the toolbar.
[Windows] Added the ability to display your favorite windows on the toolbar.