uContext v2.1



[Basic and Pro]
[Actions] Added Align and Distribute action.
[Breadcrumbs] Added the ability to drag the selected GameObject by the label.
[Breadcrumbs] If multiple GameObjects are selected, hovering over the label displays the path of all (up to 10) selected GameObjects.
[Component Window] Added the ability to drag Component or GameObject by the label.
[Distance Tool] Added the ability to drop GameObject and components to the window to quickly add to the list.
[New] Added Drop To Floor tool.
[New] Added the concept of Transform Editor Tools.
[Search] Now search by windows has higher priority than by scene.
[Settings] Added filtering support.
[Temporary Objects] Temporary objects are now marked using EditorOnly tag and do not go into the build.
[Transform Editor Window] Improved positioning in the scene.
[WAILA] Improved display of terrain height under cursor.

Features from uContext Pro now available in uContext Basic:
Duplicate Tool, Favorite Windows, Selection Size, Tool Values, Transform Editor Window.

[New] Added Drop To Floor tool + Advanced Drop To Floor Window.
[Transform Editor Tools] Added Align and Distribute Transform Editor Tool.
[Transform Editor Tools] Added Bounds Transform Editor Tool.