uContext v2.11


We have released a new version of uContext, with search for Enum and Object Field Selector.

[Bookmarks] Added the ability to open the scene.
[Bookmarks, Recent Scenes, Search] Added the ability to open the scene additive.
[Bookmarks, Recent Scenes, Search] If the current scene is changed, you will be prompted to save the changes.
[Drag And Drop] Fixed exception when dragging a texture not in the project.
[Hierarchy Enable] Now displayed when hovering over a row.
[Hierarchy Header] Added the ability to specify the alignment and style of the text.
[Hierarchy Tree] Now uses the parent's background color.
[Nested Editor] It will now open the editor in a window instead of trying to show it in the inspector.
[New] Added a custom window with a search for Enum fields.
[New] Added Object Field Selector.
[Number Fields] Fixed number fields improvement for Unity 2021.2 and higher.
[Pivot Tool] Improved tool orientation.
[Pivot Tool] Holding Alt will display the guides.
[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to select the type of window (popup, tab, utility).
[Quick Access Bar] Added ability to disable align to bar for popup windows.
[Quick Access Bar] Fixed window positioning for Unity 2021.2 and higher.
[Quick Preview] UI will now be displayed for the cameras.
[Scene History] The window now opens with focus on the search field.
[Scene History] Selecting a row now select an item in the project.
[Settings] Added correct disabling of unsafe features.
[Smart Selection] Added the ability to drag and drop items.
[Smart Selection] For Flat style, added highlighting of an object in the scene when hovering over a row.
[Timescale] Fixed window size for Unity 2021.2 and higher.