uContext v2.2


We've released a new version of uContext asset that has GameObject Toolbar, Quick Access Bar, and many other new features.


[Log Manager] Greatly improved performance.
[New Feature] Added Editor Icon Browser.
[New Feature] Added Frame Selected Bounds.
[New Feature] Added GameObject Toolbar.
[New Feature] Added Jump To Point.
[New Feature] Added Quick Access Bar.
[Other] Added Assembly Definitions.
[Pin And Close] Redesigned, now shows window title and can drag dependent window.
[Pin And Close] Now Pin And Close will close itself and the dependent window upon recompilation.
[Prefs] Improved settings API.
[Refereces] Bookmarks, Favorite Windows and Recent Scenes are now stored in Scriptable Object. All existing items will be moved automatically.
[Rename] Improved the detection of what a GameObject is in the scene.
[Search] Now windows have higher priority than other items.
[Switcher] Improved switching from Scene View to Game View and vice versa.
[Terrain Brush Size] Fixed changing the brush size for Unity 2020.2 and higher.
[Tool Values] Now displayed when holding CTRL or clicking on handles.
[Tool Values] Fixed selection of an object under the cursor when opening Transform Tools.
[Unity] Removed support for Unity 2018.4 - 2019.1. Now the minimum version is Unity 2019.2.
[Update System] Fixed display of special characters in the changelog.
[Windows] The concept of automatic window size has been implemented, which is used in the Component Window and Transform Tools Window.