uContext v2.3


[Core] Fixed issue when floating windows remained after compiling scripts, starting a scene or closing the editor.
[Core] Fixed an issue where Unity Editor sometimes crashes on build.
[Create Browser] Added a hint of hot keys.
[Drop To Floor] If no target is found under the object, y = 0 will be used.
[Drop To Floor] Fixed drop of objects that have a rotation.
[Hierarchy] Added display of the icon of the best component, instead of the default icon.
[Hierarchy Errors] Fixed error type handling in Unity 2020.2.
[Highlighter] Added highlighting of UI elements.
[Improve Behaviours] Fixed exception when dragging GameObject from scene to Canvas.
[Object Toolbar] Added the ability to display objects from the project.
[Object Toolbar] Added the ability to drag an object by drag the header.
[Object Toolbar] Added the ability to move the toolbar with CTRL + left mouse button.
[Object Toolbar] Added the ability to display the header of the object when clicking on the header of the toolbar.
[Object Toolbar] Added the ability to show related components on other GameObjects.
[Object Toolbar] This is now displayed by default when Scene View is maximized.
[Other] Improved sorting of items in the main menu.
[Pro] uContext Pro Features Window is now also available in Pro.
[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to create items of types: space, flexible space, scriptable object, settings.
[Quick Access Bar] Added ProGrid compatibility mode.
[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to collapse items in the settings.
[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to hide an item if it is temporarily not needed.
[Quick Access Bar] Fixed closing of windows when opening context menu or search.
[Rename] Added the ability to rename when focus is on the PinAndClose window.
[Selection Bounds] Improved order of displaying values in SceneView.
[Settings] Settings for Context Menu, Hierarchy, Favorite Windows, Quick Access Bar, Search, Views have been moved to separate sections.
[Settings] Editing items for Favorite Windows and Quick Access Bar are now in settings.
[View Gallery] Fixed exception when changing scenes with View Gallery open.
[View State] Added the ability to display View States in Scene View while holding ALT.
[WAILA] When hovering over a terrain, displays the position in the scene instead of the height.