uContext v2.4

Release, Video


[Actions] Added Snapping actions, which allows you to set the grid size for the Unity Snapping System and ProGrids, or copy the grid size from the selection size.
[Actions] Removed Duplicate action.
[Bookmarks] Fixed bug of deleting bookmarks.
[Bookmarks, Create Browser] Improved preview icons.
[Component Window] Improved display of debug mode.
[Component Window, Object Window] The header is now drawn inside the window itself, which improves performance and fix multi-window issues.
[Core] Fixed an issue where the Pin And Close window would sometimes remain on the screen after closing Unity Editor.
[Create Browser] Now preview is shown when hovering over a row. If you want to lock the line to rotate the preview, hold down CTRL.
[Create Browser] Added grouping of prefabs folders that have only one internal folder and do not have prefabs.
[Create Browser] Fixed bug with truncation of prefabs names.
[Distance Tool] Added display of a point in the scene.
[Distance Tool] Added the ability to specify which axes to calculate the distance.
[Distance Tool] Added the ability to add a position in the scene, instead of transform.
[Distance Tool] Added the ability to pick a position in the scene.
[Documentation] Documentation redesigned to HTML format.
[Duplicate Tool] Duplicate Tool has been completely redesigned, and now it can fill a line or area with duplicates of selected objects.
[Duplicate Tool] Remove Switch to Duplicate Tool feature.
[Duplicate Tool, Object Placer] If snapping is enabled, the created objects will be automatically snapped to the grid.
[Group] Added the ability to add a Group tag for a grouping object.
[Group] Changed default group GameObject name.
[Hierarchy] Added an icon for objects that have a Group tag.
[Integration] Integration with ProGrids is now automatic.
[Integration] Added integration with Enhanced Hierarchy and Fullscreen Editor.
[Mass Rename] In Basic version, the message will not be shown if the highlight of Pro features is disabled.
[New] Added Rotate By Shortcut tool.
[Object Placer] Added rules for creating objects by default and alternative mode.
[Object Placer] Now it will be correct to position objects if the point under the cursor was not on the horizontal plane.
[Object Toolbar] Added the ability to minimize the Object Toolbar.
[Other] Added the ability to quickly move objects to or from a group using GameObject context menu.
[Other] Added the ability to enable or disable GameObjects using GameObject context menu.
[Quick Access Bar] Improved display of text icons in light theme.
[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability for windows to have a custom size.
[Quick Access Bar] Added Intend Min and Max.
[Quick Access Bar] When adding a new item, if there is no way to find the corresponding icon, the text in Photoshop style will be used.
[Rename] Added the ability to disable rename by shortcut.
[Search] Now can search for objects that are disabled.
[Unity] Removed support for Unity 2019.2. Now the minimum version is Unity 2019.3.
[View States] Added display of distance to View State in Scene View.
[Windows] Added Check Integrity window.
[Windows] Improved a layout of Input Dialog window.