uContext v2.6


[Bookmarks, Create Browser, Editor Icon Browser, Object Toolbar, Search] Added link to documentation.
[Collections] Added the ability to flatten collections.
[Context Menu] Fixed opening the context menu using right mouse button when Quick Access Bar is disabled.
[Core] Group concept renamed to Collections.
[Core] Fixed issue with ExitGUIException.
[Create Browser, Search] The indexing of elements has been highly optimized.
[Create Browser] Added the ability to disable preview in thumbnails and the preview area at the bottom.
[Create Browser] Added a limitation on the number of filtered items.
[Create Browser] Optimized drawing of items.
[Duplicate Tool] Added hotkey (U).
[Fuzzy Search] Search algorithm is highly optimized.
[Getting Started] Sorted by feature groups.
[Getting Started] Added table of contents.
[Getting Started] Added links to documentation.
[Hierarchy] Optimized hierarchy tools.
[Hierarchy] Added the ability to show hierarchy tools on hover without modifiers.
[Hierarchy Icons] Added the ability to always show component icons.
[Highligter] Added the ability to customize the highlight color of UI elements.
[New] Added Inspector Bar tool.
[New] Added Hierarchy Header tool.
[New] Added Hierarchy Icon Selector tool.
[Search] Added the ability to search for scripts (CTRL + SHIFT + T).
[Search] Added search hint when nothing is entered.
[Settings] Added the ability to export and import settings and items.
[Settings] Settings have been heavily reorganized.
[View Gallery] Added the ability to filter states and cameras.