uContext v2.7


We have released a new version of the uContext asset, which has improved existing features and stability.


[Component Window] Fixed exception when opening a component using the component's context menu in the inspector.
[Duplicate Tool] Duplicates will now have a parent as the original element.
[Hierarchy Header] Fixed displaying header with an empty name.
[Hierarchy Header] Fixed display of header when background color has transparency.
[Highlighter] Added the ability to highlight objects without a renderer.
[Inspector Bar] The bar is moved outside the scroll area.
[Inspector Bar] Fixed exception when deleting a component.
[Object Toolbar] Fixed moving toolbar.
[Object Toolbar] Fixed display of assets in the project.
[Object Toolbar] Fixed resetting the display of an asset in a project when minimizing.
[Other] Fixed rare exception when maximizing / restoring a window.
[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to collapse the bar.
[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to specify the scale of icons.
[Scene View] Improved drawing order of tools.
[Settings] Improved organization of settings.
[Smart Selection] Added new design (enabled by default). If necessary, you can return to the old one in the settings.
[Smart Selection] Fixed display of smart selection when using keyboard shortcut when focus is not on Scene View.