uContext v2.8


We have released a new version of uContext with new features: Nested Editors, Timer, Timescale change, Object and Number Fields improvements.



[Bookmarks, Create Browser] Fixed display of the prefab icon when it has no preview.

[Context Menu] Fixed problem when some sections were of incorrect size.

[Context Menu, Quick Access Bar] Fixed window positioning for Unity 2021.1 and higher.

[Component Window, Object Window] Fixed display of the material editor and some other components.

[Component Window] Fixed positioning of bookmark and debug buttons when the window has a scrollbar.

[Component Window] Fixed closing of the docked window when compiling scripts.

[Hierarchy Icon] Right-clicking on a component's icon now displays the component's context menu.

[Inspector Bar] Added the ability to display multiple components.

[Inspector Bar] Added the ability to collapse / expand materials.

[New] Added nested editors feature.

[New] Added timer feature.

[New] Added the ability to change the timescale.

[New] Added the ability to drag objects from object fields.

[New] Added the ability to change the values of number fields with up and down arrows.

[Object Placer] Fixed positioning of objects without collider.

[Object Toolbar] This is no longer displayed when selecting Terrain Data in a project.

[Object Toolbar] When selecting an object in the project, it now displays its type (except for prefab).

[Quick Access Bar] Now the collapse area is not displayed when there is no Scene View under the cursor.

[Settings] Improved organization of settings.

[Settings] Added the ability to disable the addition of scripting define symbols.

[Toolbar] Fixed toolbar work for Unity 2021.1 and higher.