uContext v2.9


We have released a new version of uContext that adds backgrounds and tree lines for the hierarchy and improves existing features.


[Bookmarks] Scene bookmarks are now stored in the scene and you can have unique bookmarks for each scene.
[Distance Tool] The distance tool has been greatly improved.
[Getting Started] The table of contents is now always present on the screen.
[Nested Editor] Nested Editor is no longer displayed for DefaultAsset and Sprite.
[New] Added the ability to specify the background color for hierarchy rows.
[New] Added the ability to draw a hierarchy like a tree.
[Scene History] Fixed problem with displaying deleted scenes.
[Search] Fixed problem with displaying deleted items.
[Smart Selection] The smart selection window has been greatly improved.
[Tool Values] Fixed window position when UI Scaling.
[Toolbar] Timer and windows are now displayed as icons by default.
[Transform Editor Window] This window can now be closed by pressing Escape.
[View Gallery] Added the ability create a view state for selection.
[View State In Scene View] Added the ability to set the view from the camera by clicking on the icon while holding ALT.