Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.6

A new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer with many improvements and fixes is now available.


[Autosize Window, Component Window] Fixed issue with ExitGUIException.
[Autosize Window] Fixed problem when the window was moved down and not dragged.
[Bookmarks] Added the ability to filter items by Asset Labels.
[Bookmarks] Added the ability to search in folders.
[Component Window] Fixed display of Quaternion fields in debug mode.
[Context Menu] Fixed positioning of breadcrumbs on multiple displays.
[Context Menu] Added the ability to show hidden components.
[Hierarchy Best Icons] Changed scene icon.
[Hierarchy Best Icons] The best component icons will now be drawn for child of prefab.
[Hierarchy Bookmarks] When components are shown on hover without modifiers, the bookmark icon will not be shown.
[Hierarchy Components] Fixed opening of components when entering/exiting play mode.
[Hierarchy Components] Fixed display of components when the cursor enters Hierarchy window from another window.
[Hierarchy Components] Fixed component window positioning when multiple displays.
[Hierarchy Headers] Added display of foldout button if GameObject has children.
[Hierarchy Headers] Added the ability to disable the header.
[Highlighter] When using the Scriptable Render Pipeline, objects with a Renderer will be shown with an arrow.
[Object Field Selector] Fixed NullReferenceException when field is not drawn as SerializedProperty.
[Object Toolbar] Fixed showing best component when adding a new component when this is disabled.
[Runtime Save Components] Changed the way of saving components.
[Runtime Save Components] Fixed saving values of long and double type fields for Unity 2022.1+.
[Settings] Restore Default Settings will restore ALL settings by default including Local Settings.
[Settings] Added setting for Collapse Quick Access Bar.
[Smart Selection] Fixed positioning of content on multiple displays.