Compare productivity tools for Unity

There are many productivity tools available for Unity. Which one should you choose?

Let's see how uContext compares with the most popular alternatives:


  uContext Peek
Original released Mar 26, 2019 Aug 16, 2019
Latest version 1.12 1.1.8
Price $30 $60
Unity Editor 2018.3 and higher 2018.4 and higher
.NET .NET 2.x and 4.x .NET 4.x
Interaction with selected GameObject and components
  Interaction with the selected GameObject and components occurs using the context menu, which is available anywhere in the Unity Editor. Interaction with the selected GameObject and components occurs using the toolbar, which is displayed in the Scene View next to the selected GameObject.
Displays the name of the selected GameObject
Enable / disable GameObject
Context menu for GameObject
Display all GameObject components
Enable / disable components
Context menu for components
The ability to open the component in a separate window as a utility
The ability to open the component in a separate window as a tab (can be combined into a layout)
The ability to open the component’s temporary window, which will be automatically closed when focus is lost
Debugging a component (displaying serialized fields)
Grouping GameObjects
Ungrouping GameObjects
Replacing GameObject
Renaming GameObject
Mass renaming with token support
Horizontal (by neighbors)
Vertical (by parents and childen)
Quickly select without using Scene View and Hierarchy
Creating a GameObject
Creating a GameObject under the cursor
Creating a GameObject under the cursor from bookmarks
Creating a child GameObject
Creating a neighboring GameObject
Creating a parent GameObject
Creating a temporary GameObject (which will be destroyed when the scene starts)
Alignment GameObject and view
View States
Creating a camera from view
Setting the view from the camera
Saving a view for selection
Component Icons in the Hierarchy
Unique icons for scripts that do not have a specified icon
Ability to add component
Highlighting a row in a hierarchy when hovering over GameObject in a scene
Highlighting GameObject in a scene when hovering over a hierarchy item
Local hierarchy
Preview icons
Display errors and exceptions in components
Objects in the scene
Show GameObject name on hover
Highlight GameObject under cursor
Search and highlight a GameObject under the cursor
Search for objects
By scene
By component
By project
By windows
Ability to quickly open the main Unity Editor windows
Recent windows
Favorite windows
Maximizing any window by F11
Maximizing the Scene View by double-clicking
Maximizing Game View by SHIFT + SPACE in play mode
Switch between Scene View and Game View by keyboard shortcut
Automatically open Game View when starting a scene with maximized Scene View
Other features
Bookmarks for any objects in the scene and project
Duplicate Tool
Changing the size of the brush Terrain Editor
Fast Zoom In / Out by Shortcut
Selection History
Preview Camera in Scene View
Sticky Drag & Drop
Reference Inspector
Temporary objects
Improving the built-in behavior of Unity Editor
Integration and Compatibility
Online Maps
Real World Terrain


Of course, many of the features of both assets are realized in different ways, and have a lot of small differences.


We tried to make this comparison honest and objective.

If you find outdated or incorrect information, please contact us.